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Brazil is the leading producer and exporter of key agricultural commodities, like soybeans, sugar and coffee, and plays a major role as both a supplier and consumer in several markets.

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Brazil Sugar and Ethanol Plan

USD 400/month

Sugar and Ethanol

Filipi Cardoso, Marcelo Bonifacio and Rafael Borges

Sugar and Ethanol Daily Report

Daily analysis of the main factors that drive the sugar and ethanol markets in Brazil and worldwide.

Sugar and Ethanol Weekly Report

StoneX Brazil analysists present analysis of the main factors driving the sugar and ethanol markets in Brazil and worldwide in the previous week.

Sugar Basis Report

This report presents indications of basis/discounts for FOB Santos spot, one of the main sugar exporting ports in the world.

Weather Report for Sugarcane in Brazil

Daily and weekly history and climatic forecasts for the main producing regions of Brazil, including graphs and tables.

Parity Between Sugarcane Products

In this report, the prices of the main sugarcane by-products in Brazil are converted to the same unit, making it possible to analyze the profit obtained by producers through sugar or ethanol sales.

Brazil Sugar & Ethanol Exports

This report presents Brazil’s weekly export data for S&E.

Brazil Sugar Vessel Lineup

Sugar lineup data at Brazilian ports

Global Sugar Balance

Estimates for sugarcane crop in Center-South Brazil, as well as the productive impacts of the main global players on the global sugar balance. (bimonthly)

Sugarcane Crop Estimate: Center-South

Estimates for sugarcane crop in Center-South Brazil, as well as the productive impacts of the main global players on the global sugar balance. (bimonthly)

Brazil Grains and Oilseeds Plan

USD 600/month

Grains and Oilsseds

Ana Luiza Lodi, Felipe Sawaia and Larissa Alvarez

Soybean Weekly Report

Weekly summary of the soybean prices trajectory in Chicago and analysis on a relevant market topic, with a medium and long-term perspective.

Soybean Monthly Report

Monitoring and updates regarding the oilseed’s trajectory throughout the month in Brazil and worldwide.

Corn Weekly Report

Summary of the corn prices trajectory in Chicago and analysis on a relevant market topic, with a medium and long-term perspective.

Corn Monthly Report

Monitoring and updates regarding the corn’s trajectory throughout the month in Brazil and worldwide.

Grains Crop Estimate

Survey-based estimates for the Brazilian soybean and corn crops (monthly).

Daily Basis at the Ports

Soybeans, soybean meal, soybean oil, and corn basis from the main Brazilian export ports to Chicago (daily).

Brazil Weather Report for Grains

Climate history and forecasts for Brazil’s main producing regions, with graphs and tables (daily).

Grains Balance of Trade - Brazil

Monthly soybean, soybean meal, soybean oil, and corn exports from Brazil.

Crop Follow-up Report

Weekly monitoring of soybean and corn harvest/planting in Brazil.

Farmer Sales

Monthly soybean and corn sales by Brazilian producers.

Brazilian Real Plan

USD 50/month

Brazilian Real

Leonel Oliveira Mattos, Alan Lima and Vitor Andrioli

FX Weekly Summary

Comments on the main factors that influenced the real/dollar pair in the previous week and recent developments in the international and domestic scenarios and how they may impact the trajectory of the Brazilian currency.

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Why Brazil matters for commodities markets?

Brazil plays an extensive role in the world commodities market, being currently the largest producer and exporter of soybeans and occupying third place in corn production, second only to the US in corn exports. In addition to the grains and oilseeds markets, the country has great relevance in several other segments, such as meat, coffee, paper and cellulose, cotton, sugar, ethanol, orange juice etc.

Besides rapidly increasing its productivity via the adoption of new technologies, Brazil still has the great advantage of having underused pasture land available to expand its crop area.

Given this scenario and the prospects for population and income growth around the world, Brazil should increasingly consolidate its relevance, furthering the need to follow what happens within the country.

StoneX’s Market Intelligence Brazil closely monitors supply and demand information and other fundamentals of the Brazilian market, enabling a better understanding of what is taking place with the main crops locally and how it may impact markets globally.

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How can I set up a free trial?

You can apply for a free trial with StoneX Market Intelligence Brazil online. Start your application now.

How long does a free trial last?

A free trial with the Market Intelligence Brazil platform lasts for 10 days after signing up.

Can I get a free trial for multiple markets?

By registering for a free trial you will receive full access to all Market Intelligence Brazil’s. Most contents are in Portuguese, but there are contents available in English for sugar and ethanol, grains, and oil seeds, and Brazilian real. For more details about MIB English content please visit our dedicated website.

How long does it take to activate a free trial?

Registration takes less than a minute. After you complete the trial request form, you’ll get an email to opt in. Once you’ve opted in, you’ll gain access to the requested Market Intelligence Brazil content. This process is specific to the first free trial request.

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Email us at [email protected]

Subscriptions & Payments

What types of subscriptions do StoneX Market Intelligence Brazil offer?

We offer subscriptions that provide you:

·         Specific insights and actionable information for Brazil, a key producer and exporter of agricultural commodities

·         On-the-ground analyses, research reports, and concise summaries covering various market segments

·         information that includes, but is not limited to, agricultural commodities, energy prices, currencies, and more

Visit our Subscription store to learn more.

StoneX provides specialized reports in English for the Brazilian markets, focusing on sugar and ethanol, grains, coffee, and the Brazilian Real.

How can I get started on a subscription?

To purchase Portuguese-language content, please visit our Subscription store.

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How much subscription cost?

The cost of the subscription depends on the included content and frequency of payment. Please check the details on our Subscription store.

How long does it take to activate a subscription?

·         For purchases made within Brazil Subscription store, the activation of the selected package is immediate upon purchase and payment confirmation. You will receive a link for account activation and password creation, allowing you to explore StoneX Brazil’s content promptly.

·         If the purchase is being made outside of Brazil, please contact our team at [email protected] to sign the contract, and we will manually grant access once the process is completed.

How long does the subscription last?

Subscriptions are automatically renewed annually.

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How often are insights and reports published?

StoneX Market Intelligence Brazil offers a range of reports with different frequencies, depending on the type of information. These reports may be daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or occasional. The frequency of each report is defined based on the specific content.

How can I access the content?

Subscribers can access the content through the Market Intelligence Brazil portal, a mobile application, and receive notifications via email and mobile. We provide flexibility and accessibility for busy business professionals.

What specific insights are available for Brazil?

StoneX provides specific reports for Brazil, a key producer, and exporter of agricultural commodities. These insights cover areas such as sugar and ethanol, grains, coffee, and the Brazilian Real.

I am already a customer. How do I access StoneX Market Intelligence Reports Platform?

Please log in on the StoneX Reports Platform using your Market Intelligence Brazil credentials.

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You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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What is the payment process for a subscription?

If you are in Brazil, at Mercados Agrícolas, the subscription payment process involves two main methods:

1. Credit Card Payment (natural person only): You can subscribe by providing your credit card information. During the subscription process, you’ll need to enter your credit card details, and the system will charge you automatically based on the selected frequency, whether it’s monthly or annually.

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Please note that these payment options are only valid for customers in Brazil. If you are outside Brazil, the option mentioned is to pay by bank transfer, and you should contact [email protected] for further assistance with international payments.

What types of payments does Market Intelligence accept?

You can pay with Credit card, PIX and Boleto Bancário.

What about payment if I want to cancel my subscription before it ends?

Subscribe and get the first 10 days free to test our portal and explore our reports. Cancel anytime. After the trial period, the subscription will automatically renew annually at the price of the selected package.

How can I contact StoneX for more information or to subscribe?

To reach out to StoneX Market Intelligence for inquiries or to explore subscription details, please email us at [email protected].

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